Jasper County Animal Rescue League and Humane Society 
Wish List


Cat Food (dry and wet)                                                     Wash Cloths

Dog Food (Dry and wet)                                                   Leashes

Cat Litter                                                                               Collars

Paper Towels                                                                       Air Fresheners

Fabuloso                                                                               42-gallon trash bags

Purple Pine Sol                                                                    13-gallon trash bags

Laundry Soap                                                                      Yellow Dish Washing Gloves

Odoban or Simple Green                                                     Latex Exam Gloves

Dog toys                                                                               Bleach

Rawhides      Bandaids

Cat Toys

42-gallon trash bags  

13-gallon trash bags


Did you know…….

In 2015 we took in 1256 animals and 80 percent of them were strays

We spend ~$40,000 per year on vet care

Cat litter costs us around $400 per month

Operations costs (including utilities, vehicle fuel and maintenance, internet and facilities maintenance) are around $60,000 per year

On average we have 20 dogs and 100 cats in our care at any given time


This is why we rely on donations of cash and supplies from the community. Without your help we cannot continue to provide care for the strays of Jasper County. All donations to Jasper County Animal Rescue League and Humane Society are tax exempt. Please attach a name and address to the item(s) you donate and we will gladly send you a receipt for your records.

Thank you for everything you do to help us

J.C.A.R.L. Staff and animals  


  • Some shopping tips…… Sam’s Club carries odoban and simple green, Mills Fleet Farms in Ankeny has the cheapest bleach, cat litter (we like unscented clay), and wet food for dogs and cats (store brand).
  • We have a tax exempt status at many stores so be sure to ask if they will honor it- you just need to provide our phone number
  • Never hesitate to purchase things that are not on the list as there are many items we use but just forgot to add to the list. If we can’t use it, we participate in a shelter sharing program so EVERYTHING has a place and can be used.